Protected Data Management and Audit Services


Audit and accountancy services are on a time-cost basis.

However, Vanguard also operates on a fixed-fee basis for annual audit and accountancy services to our new clients. In order to establish this fixed fee, you need to email/fax us your management accounts, estimated number of accounting documents/vouchers/transactions, and a brief description of your business and contact details. We will evaluate and maybe contact your for further information. If necessary, we may visit a potential client for exploratory talks to determine the level of required services. After that, we will present our fee proposal to you. There is no obligation attached to this evaluation.

We want you to think: yes! I would like to know more about this practice, its fees, and quality service. We are happy to see new people

You may be wholly satisfied with your existing accountants - in which case we cannot help you. Alternatively, you may consider our offer attractive and wish to evaluate the Vanguard approach. We believe you will find us professional, focused, and competitive.

Please call or email us with any your questions you may have.